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LegalShield is one of the largest pre-paid legal plans in North America, covering over 3 million lives in the United States and Canada. LegalShield Referral Attorneys receive a regular flow of referrals from LegalShield Provider Attorneys who pre-screen each referral. Referral Attorneys only receive referrals in the areas of law and geographic locations they designate. There is no fee for the referral and Referral Attorneys maintain their ability to accept or decline representation as they see fit.

What’s the catch?

Only a limited number of attorneys qualify and will be accepted to join the network of LegalShield Referral Attorneys.

LegalShield Referral Attorneys must be in good standing with their bar or other attorney regulatory body. They must have been in practice no less than two years and have no public discipline from any attorney regulatory body. In addition, Referral Attorneys must show proof of malpractice insurance coverage of at least $100,000. Most importantly, Referral Attorneys must be dedicated to meet the needs of their clients and provide top-flight customer service. If you meet this basic criteria, then read on. There are less than 5300 LegalShield Referral Attorneys in the United States and Canada.

How does LegalShield work?

LegalShield is a pre-paid legal plan that has been operating for over 40 years. Enrollees in the plan are referred to as members. Each member has unlimited telephone access to a Provider Law Firm in their state or province. Members may call their Provider Law Firm on a toll free line anytime during normal business hours to seek advice on any legal matter. Often times, the Provider Firm can fully assist the member during this initial telephone contact or with a follow-up letter or telephone call to a third party. However, in many cases the needs of the member cannot be fully met during the telephone consultation and the member must be referred to a LegalShield Referral Attorney. Examples include civil or criminal litigation, contract negotiations, or one of the wide range of legal matters that cannot be adequately handled over the telephone. In such a case, after initial consultation with the member, the Provider Firm refers the member to a LegalShield Referral Attorney. The member is given the contact information for the Referral Attorney and after contacting the Referral Attorney, the member and attorney decide whether or not to enter into an attorney-client relationship to handle the matter.

For defense of moving traffic violations, the Referral Attorney is usually paid by the Provider Firm. The same is true for a specified number of hours in the defense of some civil and criminal actions. In other matters, the member engages the Referral Attorney on a fee for service basis, with the Referral Attorney affording the member a discount of 25% off of the attorney’s standard hourly rate (3%-5% off of flat rate or contingency fee cases).


I became a Provider Attorney for LegalShield over 20 years ago. During that time, I have been continually impressed with LegalShield’s commitment to its members. Our network of Referral Attorneys does a great job in both their legal representation of the members and in providing an outstanding overall client experience as well. I hope you will join us.

For further information on LegalShield, please visit the company website at For further information on Framme Law Firm PC please feel free to review our website.

To apply to become a LegalShield Referral Attorney, click here to download the application and instructions.

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